Transform your Business with Techimbibe's TIDAL System.

    Maximize Business Productivity and Operational Efficiency with TIDAL—'Techimbibe's Digitalisation And Learning system'.

    TIDAL is your end-to-end solution for adopting Digital Transformation. This single, comprehensive package provides detailed tutorials on the use of Zoho Suite of software, online tech support, and business analyst support—all integrated seamlessly to enhance your digital journey. Our system is expertly designed to guide Businesses through each step of digitalisation, focusing on strategic tech utilization. Every system seamlessly integrates with another for maximum productivity. With TIDAL, you can transform and standardise every business process to elevate your business operations and achieve your business goals efficiently, both in the short term and long term . Come, join us and experience the power of structured & effective digital transformation today.

    "It's about how you use the available features in a system rather than the number of features available in a system that matters the most"
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What's Inside TIDAL PREMIUM?

All Programs + corresponding Tech support + Business Analyst support are included in the premium subscription.

Go through the video below for a more detailed TIDAL offerings.

TIDAL Webinar

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Learn about the 10 fundamental systems needed for achieving Business Productivity via software and transform your business.


Over 7+ Programs with Exclusive Premium Services.

At Techimbibe, we are dedicated to offering specialized implementation assistance, tech support, and business analyst support for a variety of software programs designed with growing enterprises in mind.

Our video tutorials are meticulously crafted to ensure clarity and ease of understanding, making them ideal for IT Administrators. Each tutorial is structured to guide you step-by-step through the implementation process, complemented by precise instructions and a comprehensive task list. This structured approach not only simplifies learning but also enhances the effective application of software tools in your business operations.

We tailor our guidance to align with your specific business objectives, helping you implement features in the most beneficial way. Our goal is to empower you to seamlessly and effectively digitalize your business, achieving consistent progress tailored to your needs.

Remember, the true value lies in how you utilize the tools, not just the tools themselves. This understanding can significantly influence the success of your digital transformation.

Modules covered:

Zoho CRM:

1. Leads

2. Contacts

3. Accounts

4. Products

5. Pricebooks

6. Deals


8. Invoices
9. Dashboard/Analytics

Modules covered:

Zoho Projects:

1. Projects

2. Milestones

3. Task lists, Tasks & Sub-tasks

4. Issues

5. Documents

6. Dashboard/Analytics

7. Calendar

8. Home Page

Modules covered:

Zoho Desk:

1. Ticket management

2. Knowledge Base

3. Customers

4. Activities

5. Analytics

General softwares covered:

1. Zoho Mail

    a) Company emails & aliases

2. Zoho Cliq

     a) Internal Communication                     Network

3. Zoho Workdrive

     a) 5TB Shared workdrive 

Office Apps covered:

 Zoho Office Suite:

1. Zoho Writer (word)

2. Zoho Sheet (excel)

3. Zoho Show (ppt)

4. Zoho Notebook

5. Zoho Meeting

6. Zoho Calendar

Mobile app tutorials covered:

1. Zoho Mail

2. Zoho Cliq

3. Zoho Workdrive

4. Zoho CRM

5. Zoho Projects

6. Zoho Desk

Integrations covered:

1. Zoho CRM to Projects

2. Zoho CRM to Desk

3. Zoho Projects to Desk

4. Office Apps to CRM, Projects, Desk

5. Other default integrations







Below are the premium services included in our TIDAL premium.
​TIDAL comprises of these 4 core competencies to successfully digitalise your business operations.

Implementation Programs

  • Techimbibe has meticulously crafted implementation programs to kickstart and sustain your digital transformation all by yourself. Detailed information of our TIDAL programs is given above.

  • Our programs are designed to be implemented by IT Admins easily, with scope for dynamic  on the fly changes and also grow to the next level in the long term without any disrupting changes to your existing system.

   Tech Support

  • Implementing new technologies can pose challenges, and questions are inevitable. Whether your IT Administrator encounters a snag or needs clarification, our dedicated tech support team is on standby to provide swift and effective solutions.

Analyst Consulting

  • Our service extends beyond tech support with the inclusion of professional Business Analyst support.

  •  Our analysts are committed to guiding you through your digital transformation journey, advising on the optimal software applications and implementation strategies to accelerate the achievement of your business objectives.

Members Network

  • Engage with our 2 exclusive communities designed for CEOs and IT Administrators. These platforms offer a collaborative environment to discuss, learn, and share experiences on effective digitalisation practices. Additionally, we host regular weekly discussions on trending digitalisation topics that provide valuable insights for both CEOs and IT administrators.



INR 1.5 Lakhs+  value of content & tech support(according to current market trends) available for you in just one month's subscription.

Renew only if you see a recurring value.


30,000/- per month

(INR Thirty thousand rupees only.)


2,25,000/- per year

(INR Three lakhs rupees only.)

Access to ALL programs

Access to real-time Tech support

Access to real-time Business Analyst

Access to Private community

Flexible renewal - no yearly contracts. You can renew only when needed.

Regular program updates

7 day refund policy

Membership Includes

Access to ALL of our TIDAL programs

On demand Tech support

On demand Business Analyst

Access to Private community

Flexible renewal - no yearly contracts. You can renew only when needed.

Regular program updates

7 day refund policy


If for any reason you don't think that this program will suit your business needs, We will offer full refunds within 7 days of first purchase.


If you would like us to implement the above programs for you in your business, then the pricing is different. Please contact us


As a limited-time launch offer, we are offering 70% discount for the first month of subscription. 


About Me

My name is Chanakya, founder of Techimbibe and Principal System Designer of the TIDAL programs at Techimbibe. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from NIT Warangal and have amassed over ten years of experience in the IT industry. My professional path includes significant positions as a Software Developer and Team Lead at leading tech firms such as Oracle and ServiceNow. TIDAL is the culmination of my extensive expertise, crafted with the aim to empower Businesses to excel in the digital arena and accelerate their growth in this technology-centric age.

Know more..


Below, you'll find answers to some FAQ's (frequently asked questions) to help clarify any uncertainties you might have. If your question isn't addressed here, please don't hesitate to contact us at sales@techimbibe.com. We're here to assist you!

Who is this TIDAL Premium subscription for?

The Techimbibe Premium subscription is ideally suited for micro, small, and medium-scale enterprises that lack a robust business productivity software system. If you're experiencing issues with your current system, such as inefficiencies or integration problems, this program is also tailored for you. Our programs are specifically designed with the needs of Businesses in mind, featuring modules that enhance operational efficiency and integration. Additionally, our on-demand tech support provides customized solutions to uniquely address your business challenges.

How long is the subscription plan?

This is a monthly subscription plan that allows you to implement as many programs and modules as possible during your subscription period. You can extend your subscription as necessary. As you know, the digital era and software technologies change rapidly. This subscription plan helps us provide you with updated and new content to ensure your success at every stage. And all programs come with dedicated tech support for implementation assistance.

Will the content be relevant to changing technologies?

Yes, we update the content regularly in each program and add new material relevant to your business needs and changing technologies. Advanced content in each program will also be added regularly to help you automate your business processes further as you grow. Additionally, We value your input and use it to provide you with more relevant knowledge through weekly coaching calls and knowledge manuals through the community.

What additional support does Techimbibe offer to ensure successful implementation?

Techimbibe goes beyond just providing software by ensuring that you have all the support you need for successful implementation. Our dedicated tech support team is available to assist you with any technical challenges, while our community forums allow you to connect with other users to share insights and solutions. We also offer personalized training sessions tailored to your specific business processes and challenges, ensuring that you make the most of our software to achieve your business objectives.